The ahalo 3 Step Process

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The Mahalo Way: Easy 3 Step Process - Cash For Your House

3 Easy Steps to Selling Your House

Submit Your Home Info

Give us some brief info on your home by completing the form below. Quick and Easy!!

Review Info Submitted

Set a quick appointment to fill in anything missing and answer questions.

Fair Cash Offer Presented

Discuss next steps and Close in as little as 10 days and on YOUR schedule to close.

Timeframe:  When all your information has been submitted to us, we will reach back out to you within 24 hours to discuss next steps. We can then get CASH in your hands as quickly as 10 Days!

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Fair Offer Calculation

Our Fair Offer Calculation is a very straightforward process. We consider the factors below in calculating your offer. No Lowball Offers GUARANTEED when you sell The Mahalo Way!

Recent Sales In Your Area: We will analyze recent home sales that are similar to your house to gauge current market value.

Current Home Condition: The House’s current physical and cosmetic condition will be evaluated and factored in to adjust the value derived from recent sales.

Consideration of Risk: ARV or After Repair Value will be analyzed by our team to determine the house’s value after completing repairs.

Mrs. Paddington SOLD her house in 10 Days … STRESS-FREE!

Mrs. Paddington reached out to us needing to sell her house. She was unsure if she should sell the traditional way with a Real Estate Agent or to sell to us. Mrs. Paddington had just experienced some life changing events that caused the need to sell their home quickly. She submitted her house information on our website to begin the process.

Within 24 hours we received her information and reviewed property records and sales in the surrounding area to determine our value range. We then connected with Mrs. Paddington to review her house details and review her questions. Her concerns were how long would it take? She did not want her neighbors to know and ask questions. The house had a lot of deferred maintenance and needed repairs, but she did not have the time or money to take care of them. We explained to Mrs. Paddington that selling to Mahalo Real Estate could be completed in 10 Days. We did not need her to repair anything and the house could remain AS-IS. She would not need to list her property for sale or put a For Sale sign in the front yard, so that she could move privately. The best part was that we could get her CASH in 10 Days, so she did not have to make another mortgage payment, utility payment, etc.

After our quick discussion, we requested her to text us some pictures and a video walk thru of her house. Once received and verified per our discussion, we prepared the offer and sent for her review via email…All within 24 Hours! Mrs. Paddington agreed to our offer and wanted to close in 10 Days, which we agreed to as well. We coordinated a day to do a walk thru with myself and my wife to do a final look. On Day 10 we all met at the Escrow company to exchange Cash and Keys, and Mrs. Paddington walked away with Cash that day.

Mrs. Paddington decided to sell her home to us and we took care of her, just like family…that is our core value! We treat the families we serve, like OUR family! The Mahalo Way!

“Nick and the Mahalo Real Estate team were fantastic from start to finish. They understood my situation and helped me tremendously. I was skeptical at first but they delivered on their promises and closed very quick with no stress!”

R. Paddington

(San Diego, CA)

Benefits of Selling the Mahalo Way

Close on Your Schedule: We can close in as little as 10 days or when is convenient for you. If you need time to move out, we got you! If you need help moving, we got you! You are our family, we will take care of you.

No Official Inspections: We buy your house AS-IS. Sure we will do our own walk thru of your house, but unlike traditional way there is No Official Inspection to be worried about. So do not worry about making Repairs, we will buy AS-IS.

Solid Offers: When we make an offer, its SOLID. Meaning we will deliver and close once our Offer is Accepted. NO LOWBALL OFFERS.

Cash Within 10 Days: We use our own funds so no banks involved.

100% FREE & We Pay Closing Costs: No commissions, no escrow fees, no nothing. We will take care of it ALL.

overhead view of suburban neighborhood on a sunny day

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